Property Management


GOLDEN HOME provides property owners with integrated legal protection services, property management and technical protection services, serving them in terms of professional responsibility & experience, efficiency, economy and time loss.

Legal protection
  1. Information and advice on current lease legislation
  2. Drafting a private agreement
  3. Advice on any issues that may arise during the lease
  4. Contact the tenant in case of delay in payment of rent
  5. Preparation of an out-of-court summons to an awkward tenant who delays the rents (the lessee is charged only with the lower remuneration of the bailiff for the legal performance)
  6. The legal department of the company, in exchange for a pre-agreed lower legal fee, undertakes to expel the awkward tenant by summary proceedings (issuance of a rent payment order by a competent court).
Property management
  1. Rent payment Management: Monitors and cares for the timely monthly payment of the rents
  2. Expenditure management: Monitors and ensures the timely payment of property bills
Technical assistance
  1. Damages: For any technical problem, and after approval of the owner, the company undertakes its immediate restoration by experienced technicians
  2. Repairs, Renovations: The experienced professionals of the technical department of the company undertake the design and execution of any work at special preferential prices.
  3. Regular inspections: We undertake the inspection of the property at regular intervals to check if the tenant maintains the property in perfect condition and if any damages occur. With an inspection report and photos of the condition of your property, we inform the owner about issues related to its maintenance and in case of any damage on the part of the lessees, we decide together with the owner whether we should take legal action for his compensation.
Customer service

For any problem, advice and information, the competent department will guide and advise you through its experienced executives.


The fee for all the above services provided under the Proprty Management and Protection Program is 10% of the total annual rents and the coverage is valid for 1 year from the signing of the private agreement. In case of request for extension of the program, the renewal is annual with the same fee.

Supplementary service

Insurance coverage-loss of income:We provide insurance coverage for all those risks that daily threaten the property of the owners with the lowest premiums (Optional coverage at an additional cost).


Our company offers integrated solutions for owners so as to make the most of their properties. We manage all the aspects regarding renting your property as a vacation rental. From managing and increasing your reservations to cleaning the property and take care of any technical problem may occur:

  • Promotion, online & location management
  • Sublet your property to our company
  • Sublet and renovate your property
  • Promotion, online & location management
Promotion and Management Online
  1. On our website which is advertised in Google (adwords) in 5 countries: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, France and Italy
  2. On the most effective Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) on the web such as, Expedia, Airbnb etc. Includes registration of the property on the OTAs as well as everyday management of the reservations, communication with the guests 24/7, organizing their arrival and in general fulfill their demands.
  3. Through our collaboration with physical travel agencies from Greece and from all over the world
Location Management
  1. Cleaning of the property after a reservation
  2. Cleaning products
  3. Welcome basket (goods such as coffee, sugar, tea, etc)
  4. Check Ins & Check Outs
  5. Concierge services
  6. 24 Hours telephone service
  7. Technical assistance
Fees for Our Services

Depending on the property’s potential from 20% - 30%

2. Sublet and furnish your property to our company

As an alternative we can sublet your apartment on a monthly basis for a long term contract.

3. Sublet and renovate your property

Third option is to sublet and renovate your apartment on a monthly basis for a long term contract.