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Sale, Land, Residential


Property ID: 83863

61.000 €

or with mortgage loan €/MONTH
251 € / m2

Date Modified: 24/05/2022

243 m2
Building(s.m.) 1
Urban condition
  • Out of Building Plan
Structure factor 1
Cover factor 1

Loan Calculation.

Loan Amount *Ελάχιστο ποσό δανείου 10.000€ Ονομαστικό Επιτόκιο: (συν 0.12% ΕΙΣΦ Ν.128)
Loan Interest
Loan Repayment Period
Installment Amount

Repayment Amount
Interest Amount 3,12%
The final interest rate is determined based on the mortgage scheme and the borrower's profile in consultation with the special advisor.
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Sale, Land, Residential

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